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It's time for Tech Support to make house calls

These days everything is connected, smart, and online. The average household has 10 devices or more, and that is great. It can also be challenging.

Why go out of your way and go to the mall for help when you can have a Technician come to your home? Cymplicity is here to provide low flat rate service and support to our ever expanding technology driven lives.

Contact us today and see some of our services below.

Tech Tutor
A Personal Touch

Our technicians will go above and beyond to make sure that you get the utmost from our session

Email Setup

Email | Calendar support and more. Setup new accounts, link existing accounts, add calendars, and clean up your inbox.

PC + Mac

Let our experienced staff clean up, speed up, and update your PC or Mac.  Get rid of bloatware, increase performance, make software recommendations, and much more.

Cloud Backup

Backup sensitive data from your phone or computer. Cymplicity will assist you in selecting the right service and plan for your storage needs.

WiFi Support

Find out ways to increase speed, reliability, and security.  WiFi blankets our lives and yours should be running at its full capacity.

Printer Setup

A new printer can end up being headache inducing on the best of days. We make it easy by handling the setup, pairing, and testing.

Tech Tutor
  • iPhone + Android
  • PC + Mac
  • New Device Setup
  • Configuration
  • Password management
  • App Support
  • General Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
Customer Service

Technology should enhance your life

Not complicate it

With low flat fees and pros who will come to you, there is no better time to start learning how technology can enhance your daily life.

Connect with loved ones from afar, manage your schedule, stay up to date on current events, endless entertainment, lower bills, manage your money, get social, find activities, join communities, and more.

Gadget Guru

Have one of our Gurus show up the same day as you give your gadget gift or tech treat.  We make sure that your tech is set up properly, safely, and easily. Order from our shop or contact us for an appointment.

Endless Options

We have hand picked the devices in our shop for reliability, user satisfaction, and quality.  Cymplicity created this service to help set up whatever you want to order, just contact us for more information.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 Day guarantee on setup done by one of our pros – if anything is wrong just give us a call and we will fix it for free.

Cord Cutters

Get the smart TV or streaming device of your dreams and have Cymplicity come and link it to your accounts, recommend alternatives to cable, and make setup easy.

Advanced Knowledge

Our Gurus have backgrounds in commercial integration, in-home PC repair, cell phone repair/setup, smart home design/installation, home theater, and more.

Delivered by a pro

Select your preferred method – 4 hour Delivery* on select items, 3 days on others. Delivery + Install is included in the shop price. If you would like us to order something for you and deliver it to your door, we are happy to help.

Gagdet Guru
  • Single Device
  • Pro Installation
  • Setup
  • Configuration
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Product Recommendation
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Devices Mastered
Takeout Orders
Hour Delivery*

Trusted Brands | Professionally Installed

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Smart Home
WiFi Audit

The backbone of a reliable smart home system is WiFi.  We will come and do a checkup so you know that you (and your system) have the best connection throughout your home.


Upgrade your entertainment with smart lighting scenes, enhanced audio, voice control, or universal remote setup.

Energy Conservation

It isn’t just about lowering your carbon footprint anymore – a smart home can significantly lower energy cost with LED lighting, HVAC control, and more.


Get rid of your traditional security system and get a self-monitored system. Lower Insurance costs and check in from your phone, tablet, or PC – anytime anywhere.

Remote Monitoring

True peace of mind is knowing when the kids get home, that your family is safe, and being able to do it from anywhere.

Home Audio

Whole-home audio is simpler than ever with Wifi connected speakers.  We will set up the speakers for the best sound in the rooms you choose and handle app pairing, even help you set up stations and playlists.

Smart Home
  • Energy Conservation
  • Security
  • Home Audio
  • Hub + Sensors
  • Any System
  • Tailored to you
  • Pro Installation

Smart Security can lower Home Owner's Insurance

Energy savings

Make your neighbors jealous


*4 Hour Delivery only available on our flat fee install products - contact for more info

What if your purchase came with a pro?

The Best Tech | Hand delivered to your door

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