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Roomba 960 – Robotic chores, installed by a pro


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  • iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization enables Roomba to navigate and clean an entire level of your home
  • Runs for up to 75 minutes, then automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job
  • iRobot HOME App lets you clean, schedule & set custom cleaning preferences from your smartphone
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System delivers improved cleaning performance
  • Tangle-free extractors prevent hair and debris jams


App-Enabled, Entire Level Cleaning

Roomba 960 seamlessly navigates room to room to clean an entire level of your home, recharging and resuming until the job is done. Featuring the revolutionary AeroForce Cleaning System, Roomba 960 delivers up to 5x the air power and requires less maintenance. Just press clean or schedule Roomba on the go with the iRobot Home App. Roomba works on all floor types, and at just 3.6 inches tall, is specifically designed to fit under most furniture, beds and kickboards.

Entire Level Cleaning

Adapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization helps Roomba seamlessly and efficiently navigate an entire level of your home and keep track of its location, recharging as needed until the job is done.

Features the iAdapt camera, which helps Roomba 960 continually build and update its map of rooms within a home.

Recharge and Resume

Runs continuously for up to 75 minutes, then automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job.

Note: Tested in iRobot’s Home Test Lab on hard floors. Run times may vary.

iRobot Home App

Wi-Fi enabled, the iRobot Home App lets you Clean and Schedule conveniently — anytime, from anywhere. Control how Roomba 960 cleans your unique home, choosing from one or two passes, final edge clean, and whether to use the Carpet Boost behavior.

Plus, access tips, tricks and support – all while keeping an eye on the status of cleaning jobs.

Deeper Cleaning Power

The AeroForce 3‐Stage Cleaning System introduces debris extractors and features the Gen 2 motor for improved cleaning performance and lower maintenance.* The dual counter-rotating extractors incorporate a durable rubber tread design that grabs dirt from any floor type while reducing hair tangles and brush maintenance.

*Compared to Roomba 600 and 700 series AeroVac systems.

All Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robots are:


iAdapt Responsive Navigation – Navigates in your unique home, cleaning around clutter and avoiding stairs.

Low Profile Design – Designed to clean under sofas, beds and kickboards.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall Technology – Included Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier gives you greater control over where your robot cleans.


Simple Operation – Just press clean and your robot gets to work.

Self-Charging – Automatically docks and recharges, so Roomba is always ready to clean.

Scheduling – Conveniently preset to vacuum up to 7x per week (featured on models 650+).


3-Stage Cleaning System – Uses a combination of agitation, brushing and suction.

Spinning Side Brush – Gently cleans wall edges and into corners.


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